She/Her and In/Ink

Meet Gwen! The weirdo that has sorta accepted/embraced being one. She's a soft but chaotic person and always up for a friendly conversation if you are!

He/Him and It/Its

A stern but protective brother, Silentnight is usually there to replace Jolyn if needed. However, his methods can be pretty questionable at times.

Grace Monroe
She/Her or They/Them

Chaotic Asian American girl, Grace is always there when you least expect them, whether starting the flames/adding to the chaos, or providing a presence of comfort.In a relationship with Simon! <3

Steven Universe
Any (except it/its)

Your friendly neighbourhood half gem half human! (I'm half-joking) Steven's always here to help out whether it be taking care of the kids or taking over the front if needed. You'll definitely see him around sometime!


The outgoing and cheerful bean thar loves to tell meaningless stories, regardless of the circumstances and danger. He'll be a nice friend, I hope!Note: Swears a lot, like really, a lot


The protector and leader of the trio, Lionblaze isn't someone you'll like to mess with. He's usually around to take over when Squirrelflight and the other adults are unavailable


A kind, sweet soul, that has been destroyed by the worst of people. She can be a bit blunt and direct sometimes but she means well


A carefree and happy-go-lucky tom that can lead, but usually avoids leadership position unless necessary (ironic considering he's on this list).He isn't flawless but he tries his best!

Stanford Pines

Meet Ford! He's not a new member here actually! He just recently joined the host group. Not much to say except he's the technology and science nerd grunkle!

Background made by zandraart


(Commonly known as Moon)
One of the most gentle yet adventurous and carefree dragons you'll ever meet! Has a talent for being able to read the future, and uses it wisely.
I hope you'll get some useful insight from her!

Nova / Fatespeaker
She/Her or Pur/Purp

Having really heavy hyper empathy, things usually get way too overwhelming for purp, hence why she's a lot quieter than others. She still loves trying to help out, or just getting to know others!


The motherly presence no one asked for, but she's there regardless! You'll see her around from time to time


Hollyleaf! The most talkative cat you'll ever meet. Once she's on the front you can never get her offI hope you'll like her company at least?